4 Tips For Getting Them Back

Regardless of how or why you broke up, there are a few things you can do that can help you to get your ex back. Most people, when they lose someone, focus on trying to convince that person to come back to them. This is a highly unreliable method for trying to get an ex back.

In fact, the more you try to convince someone they’ve made the wrong choice, the more they tend to dig their heels in. Trying to convince someone of anything usually has the opposite effect as they automatically resist and come up with all of the reasons they must be right.

1. Why Was Your Ex With You In The First Place?

Make a list of all of the reasons you believe your ex was with you in the first place. What are some of the qualities they said they liked about you? What are some of the fun and positive aspects about your relationship? Ask yourself what it was about you that attracted your ex to you in the beginning. How much fun were you? What activities did you do together? How did you communicate with them when you first got together?

2. What’s Missing?

Go through that list and take notice of what changed. All relationships change over time, and each of us changes and develops and grows at different paces in different ways. Make a note of which qualities your ex may be missing, or may have become too used to. Be completely honest with yourself about these points, and take some time to notice the difference between what that particular quality was like at the beginning, and the way it is now. This is not about blame, and there is no need to focus on why each quality is different, just notice and acknowledge.

3. It’s All About Me

Now, put your full focus on yourself. The truth is that you cannot make someone else do anything, you are the only person you have full control over; and the changes you make in yourself will result in your ex being powerless to resist you. Rather than trying to convince them to change their mind and come back to you, make the changes within yourself so that they come back to you automatically and without any need for convincing. Focus on treating yourself well – get healthy, happy and passionate about life, and you will become irresistible not only to your ex but to everyone around you!

4. Be The Person You Want To Be With

How would you like to be treated? What would you like your partner to do for you, and how would you like them to treat you? Start treating yourself in that way. We unconsciously teach others how to treat us, we set the example. Begin treating yourself with the same love, care, kindness and respect that you wish others would treat you with, and you’ll find that your ex cannot resist treating you in the same way.

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