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4 Tips For Getting Them Back

Regardless of how or why you broke up, there are a few things you can do that can help you to get your ex back. Most people, when they lose someone, focus on trying to convince that person to come back to them. This is a highly unreliable method for trying to get an ex back.

In fact, the more you try to convince someone they’ve made the wrong choice, the more they tend to dig their heels in. Trying to convince someone of anything usually has the opposite effect as they automatically resist and come up with all of the reasons they must be right.

1. Why Was Your Ex With You In The First Place?

Make a list of all of the reasons you believe your ex was with you in the first place. What are some of the qualities they said they liked about you? What are some of the fun and positive aspects about your relationship? Ask yourself what it was about you that attracted your ex to you in the beginning. How much fun were you? What activities did you do together? How did you communicate with them when you first got together?

2. What’s Missing?

Go through that list and take notice of what changed. All relationships change over time, and each of us changes and develops and grows at different paces in different ways. Make a note of which qualities your ex may be missing, or may have become too used to. Be completely honest with yourself about these points, and take some time to notice the difference between what that particular quality was like at the beginning, and the way it is now. This is not about blame, and there is no need to focus on why each quality is different, just notice and acknowledge.

3. It’s All About Me

Now, put your full focus on yourself. The truth is that you cannot make someone else do anything, you are the only person you have full control over; and the changes you make in yourself will result in your ex being powerless to resist you. Rather than trying to convince them to change their mind and come back to you, make the changes within yourself so that they come back to you automatically and without any need for convincing. Focus on treating yourself well – get healthy, happy and passionate about life, and you will become irresistible not only to your ex but to everyone around you!

4. Be The Person You Want To Be With

How would you like to be treated? What would you like your partner to do for you, and how would you like them to treat you? Start treating yourself in that way. We unconsciously teach others how to treat us, we set the example. Begin treating yourself with the same love, care, kindness and respect that you wish others would treat you with, and you’ll find that your ex cannot resist treating you in the same way.

Getting Your Ex Back

Sure Way To Get An Ex Back

Love is the best feeling in the world, but it is still the one that causes immeasurable pain. It is very painful to see the person you love walking away with another man, but the most heartbreaking thing is to know that she is unhappy with you. It is not the time to give up if you know that she loves, then get up and get her back. Think a candlelit dinner will work? Please. You will require some high-level tactics to have her convinced that what you have is something worth another chance. These tips can help.

You feel that you are the one on fault here. Your actions testify against you. Dating another woman, soul searching, time apart… and you finally realize that all this won’t do you any better. You committed the biggest sin when you let go of her. And now, your heart wants her back.

It should not be too late to light up the love and intimacy you shared with your ex-girlfriend, but do not rush and make more mediocre attempts. You have to do this in the right way, then re-engage with a lot of caution. Here are tips to use in your round two approach.

1. A sweeter text. The heart, sometimes, grows fonder with absence, but at other times, absence may cause the same heart to look for or desire another man. So, you should not call first! Start with a sweeter text message, something that you two shared when you were together and not something that makes her think that what you are looking for is a booty call. For instance, I was watching the tv and saw the Coldplay video. It took me back to the movie night together. Hope you are good? If you get a positive response, she may be willing to rekindle the spark.

2. Slow motion:  You did romance her already, but this does not mean that you have to start from square one upwards without the behind the wheel opportunity. Therefore, you should propose going out together- not staying together. Some guys have apologized after several days of no communication, and they got respectful responses. However, they are not pushy about being together, which can be a bad gesture in their ex’s eyes. This is talked about a lot in Magic of Making Up by T.W. Jackson

3. Call her after the text. So far, things are better? Great! Go ahead and propose a casual date over the phone. No emails, no texts. Let your ex hear you and register that sincere move on your side. Try to see if she likes the idea of joining you at the art gallery, watching a movie, or hiking on a sunny afternoon. This will offer you the opportunity to see each other in an open and relaxed environment, with little or no pressure. All that you have to remember is that her acceptance of your invitation is just that, and no sure indication that she wants you back. If she rejects your invitation, just be patient. Do not start begging, crying, or stalking her. If this is something that was meant to be, she will surely come around on her own time.

4. Tell her how you missed her. If she takes your date, just ease in. Ask her she has been up to, if her pet still pees on the couch, how her job is going-whatever. Then, tell her that you would like to have her back. . Susceptibility can up your odds for another chance; simply don’t try to rip off the bandage on the old wound. Check her reaction as you open your heart. You don’t have to say everything that went sour in the past. The two of you know everything – keep conversing as taught in the Magic of Making Up.

5. Own up. If you realize that she is open, and you would like to go for another chance, admit your shortcomings. Apologize if you did something to hurt her. Then you have to take the responsibility regardless of what she did and change your ways. If you were not ready to get along with your exes friends before, let her know that you would like to share a drink with them. Yes. This is the only sure notion of swallowing one’s pride.

6. Avoid repeating the past – a big one in The Magic Of Making Up. After acknowledging the problem, look to see what is ahead of you. Never go down the memory lane and jumble out all those things that you led to the trouble in your relationship. Instead, focus on the good qualities that kept you together right from the start. For instance, you can remember her crazy humor, and even the way you complimented her admirable tendencies.